Friday, August 16, 2013

GNU Screen Info

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>GNU Screen

GNU screen gives a server admin the ability to connect to a multi-user terminal/shell or just a persistent shell session that can be disconnected from and re connected to later without interrupting the commands being run.  Lets say I am going to parse a bunch of files looking for duplicates and I'm working on bonding a few NICs together for additional functionality, and I have a little loop running to monitor uptime on a switch, etc, etc, all within a network I access through a ssh server.  I connect and launch screen session and use a bunch of screen windows (or multiple session) to manage all those tasks... then, when I'm heading home and want to pick it all up once I'm there, I disconnect before I leave and reconnect to that same screen session(s) later as if I never left!

Of course screen is all configurable with options for making life a little easier:

#CODE: .screenrc
   #All single lines
   #shutoff the start up message
startup_message off
   #allow a big scroll back buffer so you don't "loose" anything
defscrollback 5000
   #allows screen redraw for some apps like VIM or LESS
altscreen on
   #give me my normal prompt
shell -/bin/bash
   #give me some "tabs" at the bottom of the screen to help me visualize where I am
caption splitonly "%{= wK}%-w%?%F%{= bw}%:%{= Wk}%? %n %t %{-}%+w %-= "
   #same but not just when split
hardstatus alwayslastline "%{= B}%H (ctl-a) %{= r}[ %{= d}%Y-%m-%d %c:%s %{= r}]%{= d} - %{= wk}%-Lw%{= Bw} %n$f*  %t %{-}%+Lw %-= :)"
   #pre-launch screen windows with different options#
   #ssh to my home and launch screen there
screen -t ssh-home 0 ssh -t -D 8080 user@host -p xxxxxx screen -dR Ivan
   #ssh to a VM on my laptop
screen -t ssh-VM 1 ssh -t user@ screen -dR Ivan
   #ssh to a work system in the lab as a comon host but use my .screenrc config
screen -t ssh-lab 2 ssh -t user@host screen -dR Ivan -c .screenrc.Ivan
   #ssh to a freelance location to work on their systems
screen -t freelance 4 ssh -t user@host screen -dR Service
   #give me a normal shell prompt
screen -t bash 5

So I can just launch screen and let it connect to all the places I "usually" go via ssh.  It could also be running scripts or other apps so learn about the .screenrc file.

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