Friday, July 26, 2013

Enable TFTP server

RHEL (Red Hat Enterprise Linux) 5.3 based MDCs (Meda Data Controllers)

(from RHEL 5 documentation)

The TFTP config file should already be configured as follows (disables = no, server_args = <path>):

[root@sbf ~]# vim /etc/xinetd.d/tftp

# File /etc/xinetd.d/tftp
service tftp
       server_args             = -s /tftpboot
       disable                 = no

You must then restart xinetd for the new configuration to take effect:

[root@sbf ~]# chkconfig tftp on
[root@sbf ~]# service xinetd restart

To check if it is functioning (listening on the default port) use netstat:

[root@sbf ~]# netstat -nulp | grep 69
udp        0      0        *                               22418/xinetd        
udp        0      0        *                               22379/in.tftpd

To turn it back off:

[root@sbf ~]# chkconfig tftp off
[root@sbf ~]# service xinetd restart

To get files from the server using command line (Mac/Linux):

[user@client ~]$ tftp
tftp> get testFile.txt

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