Friday, July 26, 2013

QLogic Blade license from 4Gb to 8Gb

The following are the CLI (command line interface) instructions for licensing a 4Gb blade to 8Gb
Command Line Interface Instructions:

  1. Log into the SANbox 5000 Series Fibre Channel switch Command Line Interface via telnet, ssh, or the serial console. 
  2. Enter the CLI command admin start. Enter the CLI command feature add [license_key]. [license_key] is the key no brackets. 
  3. To list the licenses installed on the SANbox 5000 Series Fibre Channel switch, enter the CLI command log
 Enterprise Fabric Suite or QuickTools Instructions:

  1. From the switch "Faceplate" view, left click the "Switch" pull down menu and select "Features"
  2. From the "Feature Licenses" dialog, select "Add" Enter the Authorization Code/License Key that is located at the top of this email Select "Add Key". 
  3. 4 additional ports will be active on the switch Select "Close" to return to the Faceplate view

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